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  • Parking Consultants with over 40 years of experience…

    We help parking facility owners and operators maximize revenue and efficiencies! Offering a wide variety of parking consulting services!

  • Parking Operations Consultants

    Call us to provide an operational review of your parking facility! Let our experts provide recommendations on your operating plan, staffing, parking control system, management contract, lease contract or help you find a parking operator!

  • Parking Technology Consultants

    Call us about Frictionless Ticketless Smart Parking Systems utilizing license plate recognition for fast easy entry or exit in your facility or other parking technology needs, requirements or questions.  


DEC Parking Associates LLC provides a full range of parking consulting services. We offer parking consulting services in the following specialty areas; frictionless ticketless smart parking systems, parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS), automated parking guidance systems (APGS), parking management, parking operations reviews, parking audits, request for proposals and other related parking consulting areas.

DEC’s principal has over 40 years of combined hands-on parking related experience in all facets of parking.

We serve a wide range of clientele that includes owners, developers, property management companies, parking operators, and equipment manufacturers. Our services are available on an hourly, daily or contract basis.



Let DEC review areas of concern and provide recommendations
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Frictionless Ticketless Smart Parking Systems Utilizing License Plate Recognition.
Parking Operations Consulting.
Parking Operator Request for Proposals Consulting.
Parking Access and Revenue Control Equipment Consulting.
Parking Operator Lease or Management Consulting.
Automated Parking Guidance Systems Consulting.
Parking Operations Plans and related Consulting.



Forty five years of hands-on experience.
Extensive experience in parking operations.
Experience in working with National and International manufacturers.
First hand PARCS knowledge from the end user’s and manufacturer’s standpoints.
Over fifteen years of extensive and varied parking consulting experience and expertise.



DEC provides the following review services:

  • Operations reviews.
  • Technology reviews.
  • Staffing reviews.
  • Reporting reviews.
  • Management reviews.
  • Many others..

Our review services are not limited to these areas! Please contact us to discuss any other review needs!

What We do?

We provide our parking consulting services directly to owners, management companies, developers, etc.
DEC also subcontracts it’s core specialties to parking consulting companies, architects, engineering firms etc. as an extension of their project team. Use our experience and extensive project resume to address RFP bid requirements. DEC provides a wide variety of parking consulting services in our specialty areas! We are experts at Operations and Technology consulting. Our services are available on an hourly, daily or contract basis.
Call us at 215/259-5332, for a free no obligation consulting needs analysis!
For more detailed information on our service offerings please select a consulting service to choose the parking operations or parking technology consulting area of interest!
If you don’t see a service listed that you are interested in, please contact us!
There are many subsets of the listed services that are too numerous for us to list briefly!
Click on images to view our parking consulting services.


Here is a brief summary of some of the issues and areas we can help you with.


Do you need help with?

  • Strategies to increase revenue;
  • Selecting a parking operator;
  • Performing an operations review;
  • Reviewing a lease or management agreement;
  • Managing your request for proposals process;
  • Reviewing your audit controls;
  • Implementing better audit control procedures;
  • Selecting the best operating plan;
  • Development of staffing schedules;
  • And much more…

Do you need help with?

  • Implementing a Frictionless Ticketless Smart Parking System for your parking facility;
  • Designing or selecting a parking access and revenue control system (PARCS);
  • Reviewing your current parking control system and reporting functionality;
  • Automated parking guidance systems (APGS);
  • Vehicle count systems;
  • Fixed and dynamic signage;
  • Valet parking systems;
  • Automated parking garages/Robotic parking garages;
  • Understanding payment card industry (PCI) compliance;
  • Hotel parking systems utilizing the room key or ticket for in and out privileges during stay;
  • And much more…

Do you need help with?

For manufacturers:

  • Assistance with parking product development, implementation, and sales strategies;
  • Product evaluation and consulting;
  • The positioning of products in the marketplace;
  • Representation consulting;
  • On-call consulting services;
  • Assistance with presentations and development of marketing materials;
  • Understanding the competitive landscape;
  • Development of pricing strategies;
  • RFP qualification assistance;
  • And much more…


Ed DeCarvalho started his career in the parking business as a part-time parking cashier at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a major regional parking company while attending college. Over the next forty years, Ed has held various progressive positions in operations, business development, sales and consulting within the field of parking.

Ed spent his first fifteen years in parking operations for regional and national parking management companies. During this period, Ed was involved in parking operations, with full responsibilities for profit and loss, acquisitions, claims, human resources, day-to-day supervision of operations of existing facilities, and acquisition of new facilities. Ed has managed startup business planning and consulting for new cities, along with parking layout design, management and lease proposals and financial projections.

During the next fifteen years, Ed went on to represent various manufacturers of parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS) in various capacities. He has worked for local dealers, as well as national and international manufacturers, where he has designed, selected and reviewed existing parking revenue control systems. Ed has accumulated first-hand PARCS knowledge from both the end user’s and manufacturer’s standpoints. This wealth of PARCS knowledge is broad and diverse, ranging from a simple hand-issued self-park or valet ticket system, to complex, fully automated systems at large mixed-use developments or airports.

Over the last ten years, Ed utilized his unique and wide-ranging experience during his tenure with one of the world’s largest parking consulting companies. As a parking consultant he provided specialized consulting services in parking operations and parking technology to a wide range of clientele on hundreds of projects. Major projects during his tenure includes a large international airport PARCS design, specifications and construction administration for a system with over 80 lanes of equipment; campus wide wayfinding/parking guidance system for a large international pharmaceutical company; APGS recommendations for a top-secret government compound and many other diverse projects.

This unique combination of skill sets, and experience gained firsthand over more than 40 years will certainly provide enormous benefits to any of the clients he provides parking consulting services for.



Feel free to contact us regarding any parking consulting inquiries you have.
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Or you may email or call Ed directly via his mobile number below.
Email: sales@dec-parking.com  
Mobile: 215-933-2941