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DEC Parking Associates LLC



Parking Consultants with over 40 years of experience

We help parking facility owners and operators maximize revenue and efficiencies! Offering a wide variety of parking consulting services!

DEC Parking Associates provides a full range of parking consulting services. We offer parking consulting services in the following specialty areas; camera based frictionless ticketless smart parking systems, parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS), automated parking guidance systems (APGS), parking management, parking operations reviews, parking audits, request for proposals, parking operator selection and other related parking consulting areas.

DEC’s principal has over 40 years of combined hands-on parking related experience and knowledge in all facets of parking.

Call to speak with a DEC parking consultant with actual hands-on experience and knowledge.

An array of expertise

Our comprehensive suite of professional parking consultant services caters to a diverse clientele that includes but is not limited to property management companies, parking management companies, parking facility owners, commercial developers, parking technology manufacturers and many more.

Parking Operations Consultants

  • Get an operational review of your parking facility from us.
  • Our experts evaluate your current parking operations and policies to identify areas for improvement.
  • We provide actionable recommendations to enhance efficiency, customer service and revenue generation.
  • Get expert tips on your operating plan.
  • Find a parking operator with our help.
  • Let us review your current parking management agreement to see if it should be improved.
  • Or call us to review areas of concern and provide recommendations.
Parking Garage
Parking Consultant
Parking Operations Consultant
Parking Consultant

Parking Technology Consultants

  • Frictionless Ticketless Smart Parking Systems: Use license plate recognition to eliminate tickets and speed up parking and improve your customer experience.
  • Fast easy entry or exit: Save time and hassle by avoiding queues, lost or damaged tickets, equipment issues and manual payments.
  • Call us for more information: We can help you implement this innovative parking solution at your facility with no upfront cost.
  • Or call us to review your existing parking access and revenue control system and make recommendations to improve your operations.

With our extensive experience and expertise in the parking industry, DEC’s parking consultants have seen many changes and trends in parking control systems. Here are some of the key trends we see shaping the future:

  • Increased adoption of license plate recognition (LPR) systems. LPR provides a more convenient and hands-free method for identifying vehicles and eliminates the need to take a physical ticket or present an access card or fob. We expect LPR adoption to continue growing rapidly. Some of these systems incorporate an artificial intelligence (AI) component to provide additional data on vehicles like color, size discrimination etc.
  • These ticketless frictionless smart parking systems are being implemented in many different types of parking system configurations. They can be deployed as part of a gateless parking system, gated parking system, valet parking system etc.
  • Integration with mobile payment apps, scan-to-pay, text-to-pay etc. More drivers want the option to pay for parking using their smartphone, similar to how they pay for other services. Look for parking systems to offer integration with popular mobile wallet platforms.
  • Demand for real-time data and analytics. Parking facility owners and operators want actionable insights from their systems to optimize rates, utilization and revenue. Data analytics platforms will continue evolving to meet this need.
  • Focus on the driver experience. A convenient, seamless parking experience is a key factor for customers and tenants. Parking facility owners and operators are focusing more on making the driver experience as fast and effortless as possible.
  • Connectivity and cloud-based systems. More parking systems are moving to the cloud, enabling remote management, software updates and data sharing. This trend will continue in order to reduce costs and improve flexibility.

These trends show that parking control systems are becoming more advanced, data-driven and focused on maximizing convenience for drivers. Technology will continue to transform the parking industry in exciting ways in the years ahead.

Call a DEC parking consultant to learn more about these trending technologies and how we can help you leverage them to improve your parking efficiencies and increase net operating income!

What We Do?

We provide our parking consulting services directly to parking facility owners, property management companies, developers, universities, municipalities etc.
DEC also subcontracts its core competencies to parking consulting companies, architects, engineering firms etc. as an extension of their project team. Leverage our experience and extensive project resume to address RFP bid requirements. DEC offers a wide range of consulting services in our specialty areas! We are experts at Operations and Technology consulting. Our services are available on an hourly, daily or contract basis.

For more detailed information on our service offerings please select a consulting service to choose the parking operations or parking technology consulting area of interest!
If you don’t see a service listed that you are interested in, please contact us!
There are many subsets of the listed services that are too numerous for us to list briefly!

Parking Operations Consultant
Parking Operator Selection Consultant


We offer assistance for owners in the entire process of parking operator selection, from qualifications and proposals to interviews and agreements. For parking management companies/operators we provide assistance with proposal preparation, operating strategies, marketing of parking facilities, interview assistance and much more. MORE INFO…

Frictionless Ticketless Smart Parking System


We offer a range of smart parking solutions consulting from ticketless license plate recognition systems and mobile payment systems to customized design and testing plans, for various settings such as commercial buildings, mixed use properties, airports, hotels, and events. MORE INFO…

Parking Consultant
Parking Operations Review
Parking Audit
Parking Technology


We offer comprehensive parking services, from audits and reviews to consulting and planning, for various types of parking systems and operations. Our comprehensive reviews can help us make recommendations on the best operating methodology, technology and operator for your parking facility. MORE INFO…

Parking Operator Selection Consultant


We offer RFP consulting for selecting parking operators, preparing bid documents, analyzing and developing agreement structures, developing bidders list and strategies, and reviewing and assisting with agreement terms and conditions. MORE INFO…

Parking Technology Consultant
Frictionless Ticketless Smart Parking Systems
Parking Control Systems


We offer RFP Bid Documents and Bid Process Consulting services that cover all aspects of the bidding process, from specifications and drawings to proposals review and finalist selection. MORE INFO…

Parking Guidance Systems
Parking Guidance Consultant
Camera Based Parking Guidance System


We offer parking wayfinding systems that use sensors or cameras to monitor and display the availability of parking spaces in various facilities and locations, as well as features to help you find your car. MORE INFO…

Ed DeCarvalho
Parking Consultant
DEC Parking Associates -Founder and CEO

Edward DeCarvalho

CEO and Founder

Ed began his career in the parking business as a part-time parking cashier at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for a large regional parking garage company while attending college. Over the next forty plus years, Ed held various progressive positions in operations, business development, sales and parking consulting.

Ed spent his first fifteen years in parking operations for regional and national parking management companies. During this time, Ed worked in parking operations with full responsibility for profit and loss, acquisitions, claims, human resources, day-to-day oversight of existing facility operations and new facility acquisitions. Ed provided business planning and consulting for new cities, along with parking lot design, management and preparation of lease proposals and financial projections.

Over the next fifteen years, Ed represented several manufacturers of parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS) in various capacities. He worked for local dealers as well as national and international manufacturers for whom he designed, selected and reviewed parking access and revenue control systems. Ed has gained first-hand knowledge of PARCS from both the end-user and manufacturer’s point of view. His extensive knowledge of PARCS is broad, ranging from simple, hand-issued parking tickets to complex, fully automated systems in large, mixed-use buildings or airports.

Over the next eight years, Ed utilized his unique and extensive experience while working for one of the world’s largest parking consulting companies. As a parking consultant, he provided specialized parking management and technology consulting services to a wide range of clients on hundreds of projects. Key projects during his tenure include a large international airport PARCS design, specifications, and construction administration for a system with over eighty lanes of equipment; campus-wide wayfinding/parking guidance system for a large international pharmaceutical company; automated parking guidance system (APGS) recommendations for a top-secret government compound and many other diverse projects.

In 2016 Ed formed DEC Parking Associates to continue providing these services and other specialized consulting services to our clients. DEC provides our consulting services directly to our clients and we regularly provide our consulting services as sub-consultants to larger parking consulting companies to complement their project team.

Ed brings highly technical skillsets with experience in designing, specifying, RFP process management, and construction administrative services for a very diverse selection of PARCS and has a thorough understanding of the communications infrastructure required to support these systems.

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“Having worked with Ed on a challenging project, I can say without contradiction that he is very knowledgeable and experienced in parking technology and practice. I was impressed by Ed, which is not something I say lightly and would recommend this parking consultant to any professional or entity.”

David S McCann

Principal Security Consultant, Wivenhoe Security Group

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“Following a competitive evaluation process, we engaged with Ed DeCarvalho and a large parking consulting firm he worked for to perform audits on garage properties that we own in NYC and Miami. We were extremely impressed with the thoroughness of Ed’s work. Ed gave us valuable recommendations and insight, which we’ve implemented successfully at both locations. The top line and profitability at both locations have been significantly enhanced as a result of our audit reviews. We’re better owners today thanks to Ed’s hard work on our project and look forward to working with him again on future projects as we grow our parking portfolio.”

Michael Rosenfeld

Vice President, Special Projects and Chief of Staff, Bert E. Brodsky & Associates, Inc.

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“Faced with undertaking a complete upgrade of our City’s PARCS, we knew we needed a consultant to help guide us through the process and the name that everyone came back to us with was Ed DeCarvalho. Ed’s knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail were invaluable from pre-bid through final acceptance of each garage. I would recommend DEC Parking Associates to anyone without reservation.”

Jason E Rodgers, CPP

Parking System Supervisor, City of Hagerstown, Maryland

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