David S. McCann
Principal Security Consultant
Wivenhoe Security Group

"Having worked with Ed on a challenging project, I can say without contradiction that he is very knowledgeable and
experienced in parking technology and practice. I was impressed by Ed, which is not something I say lightly and would recommend this parking consultant to any professional or entity."
Michael Rosenfeld
Vice President, Special Projects and Chief of Staff
Bert E. Brodsky & Associates, Inc.

"Following a competitive evaluation process, we engaged with Ed DeCarvalho and a large parking consulting firm he worked for to perform audits on garage properties that we own in NYC and Miami. We were extremely impressed with the thoroughness of Ed's work. Ed gave us valuable recommendations and insight, which we’ve implemented successfully at both locations. The top line and profitability at both locations have been significantly enhanced as a result of our audit reviews. We’re better owners today thanks to Ed's hard work on our project and look forward to working with him again on future projects as we grow our parking portfolio."